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Crunchy Lemons is a website design and development company in Utah. Our in-house web designers and developers specialize in creating visually appealing websites that convert visitors into customers. We offer a variety of web design services such as custom website design and development, website redesign, website maintenance, website hosting, and e-commerce website design.

We also offer other digital marketing services. Our marketing team offers SEO, graphic design, video editing, full service marketing, branding, customer texting, online business, and reputation management.

Utah Web Design Company

What We Do

The Utah web design company we represent places a great deal of emphasis on providing our clients with the most current services. Every strategy we develop targets key areas that improve overall website performance. These strategies are:

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Website Consultation

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Content Management

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Website Optimization

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Custom Web Design

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Content Creation

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WordPress And many more!

Did You Know?

  • Internet traffic comes from the most dominant search engine known – Google 93% 93%
  • Of internet users define a business’ credibility through web design 48% 48%
  • Of the total users worldwide won’t engage and recommend a business with poorly designed website 57% 57%
  • Of businesses now shifted to online commerce and valued websites as part of their online presence 71% 71%

With many small businesses emerging in Utah and all over the world, getting website traffic and conversion seems unachievable. On the other hand, creating a website that is attractive, mobile-friendly, has fast loading speed, engaging content, and call to action has been the expertise of Crunchy Lemons for years! Did you know that our Utah web design company was distinguished as the Best Web Designers in Salt Lake City, Utah, in the year 2022? Crunchy Lemons help businesses grow through improving their online presence. It is not only the aesthetic that we care about. We also care about how we can help businesses create opportunities for success!

We Care About Our Clients

Here are our clients who trusted our website design services. See how we helped them achieve online success through providing top-rated and high-converting websites. Your business could be the next.

Our Simple 6-Step
Web Design Process

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Website Design Request Form

To get you started, submit a website design request form. This includes all your necessary business information, branding guidelines, and website needs.
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Framework Design

Through analyzing the information you sent through the request form, our graphic designer will create a framework design that matches your preference.
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Website Design Consultation

Once the initial framework is completed, it will be sent for your review and approval. In this stage of our process, we will accommodate any revisions, requests, or adjustments to be made.
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Content Management

If there’s any additional content you’d like to add and include to your site, this is your chance to do so! A website wouldn’t be complete without great content, afterall.
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Website Development

This is the fun part! Our web development team will now build your website. A staging link will be provided to give you an overview of how it will look once launched. Also, this is where we make sure to optimize your site using the content you’ve provided.
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Website Launching

Finally, your website is ready! Flaunt your new look and witness the magic unfolds.

We Create Mobile-Friendly Websites!

A whopping 74% of global internet users are more likely to visit and remember a website if it has mobile-friendly design. At Crunchy Lemons, our web designers ensure that your website is made to look professional, and fit on any devices including mobile phones. With more users gaining access to the Internet, our web design utah company provides a seamless and user-friendly experience that gives small businesses the competitive edge.

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Let Crunchy Lemons Help You Win Customers!

Many businesses, including small businesses, are now investing in a great website as it helps them convert users into customers, gain online visibility and recognition, and earn sales. Let our experts create a winning website just for you!
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Leave us a message on our website at Crunchy Lemons or contact us at 801–214-8027.

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