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Beauty Business Pro


Beauty Business Pro had an idea—to help beauty professionals learn how to grow and scale a business. Most of these professionals know their trade well (I.e. hair, nails, eyebrows, etc) but never received any formal training or instruction on how to run a business. BBP wanted to educate and empower women to move from booth rental and commission-only positions to become profitable business owners without shelling out two years and tens of thousands for an MBA

Planning & Solution

Our journey with BBP began with mapping out the extensive course curriculum required to educate these business owners. Once this was outlined, we helped build a structure that would be easy to consume and digest in dual form—through video and through a written workbook.
Video production of the course was by far the most time-consuming step. Topics were scripted and read via teleprompter by BBP owner and educator. Green screen and chroma-keying techniques were used to vary presentation environments in each video, keeping the audience engaged. B-roll shots were added through numerous additional shoots on-site at partner salons, boutiques, and homes that added to the vibe of the BBP brand.
After shooting all video content, they were edited to add titles and engaging structure that would allow the course workbook to accompany the students’ viewing experience. The workbook was developed and designed to reiterate points made in the video, and help students not only retain info, but also take action on the steps outlines. Feedback from many students indicate that the workbook checklists and designated Notes sections have been absolutely critical to the overall experience.
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Beauty Business Pro


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Beauty Business Pro has become the leading resource for beauty professionals looking to gain business expertise in their field. Priced extremely competitively, we’ve largely relied on word-of-mouth and referrals to grow. The pre-launch event was a huge success—generating thousands of dollars profit for the owner in a matter of minutes, with no paid advertising involved.

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Beauty Business Pro
Beauty Business Pro
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