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Olympia Oral Surgery


Independent medial professionals—especially dentists—are often taken advantage of in the digital marketing world. Sleazy companies rely on a provider’s inexperience and lack of understanding to push useless advertising techniques, and fail to deliver reports and results they can be accountable for. Olympia Oral Surgery needed a new company they could rely on to rebuild their website and give a modern feel to their business, with 25+ operations already under their belt.

Planning & Solution

Years prior to finding us, Olympia Oral Surgery had another company redesign their website. There was absolutely no mobile optimization, no call-to-action, and a page structure that was nightmare to navigate. We worked to simplify the explanation of complex surgical techniques to allow them to be presented to any viewer, removing the intimidating barrier many face when they need such procedures.

We then built a responsive, mobile-optimized website that would convert site visitors and get them in the office for a pre-operative consultation. Once visitors were in the door, the providers could do what they did best, and easily increased referral conversion because they were better prepared after visiting the website

Olympia Oral Surgery
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Video Editing


Significant increase in online traffic and conversion has resulted in more patients, preferred procedures, and ultimately more revenue for Olympia Oral Surgery. At a price far less than what they were previously paying, we’ve added significant value to this established medical practice so they can offer better care to those they serve.

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