Boosting Your Business With Facebook Recommendations And Reviews

Facebook recommendations & reviews are one of the most powerful tools your business can have.
According to a study done by Search Engine Journal, Facebook is ranked 4th place in the “Most Popular Search Engines in the World.”, surpassing 2 billion searches a day, putting it ahead of Microsoft Bing.
With more than 1.62 billion logged-in visitors per month, Facebook recommendations & reviews are seen by a lot of people. The average Facebook user has over 130 friends. Some Facebook users have hundreds or even thousands of friends, which means that the reach of a single recommendation or review can be huge.
If you’re not taking advantage of them, then you’re missing out on a valuable opportunity to grow your business.

The Power of Facebook Recommendations & Reviews

If you’re a business owner, then you know that one of the most important things for your success is word-of-mouth marketing.
In the age of the internet, this has translated to online reviews and recommendations. And there’s no better place to take advantage of this than on Facebook.

You wouldn’t try it if no one had.

I’m sure you’ve seen it before. You’re scrolling through your Facebook feed and you come across a post from a friend recommending a new restaurant they tried. Or, maybe you see a post from a page you follow that’s raving about a new movie that they watched.
Whatever the case may be, these tools are extremely useful in helping your business rank organically.

You’re out in the open.

They are an easy way for customers to see your business’s credentials at a glance. When potential customers see that you have a good rating and positive reviews, they are more likely to do business with you.

Make your customers rave about your product or service. (Or not)

When customers leave positive reviews, their friends and followers will see it and be more likely to check out your business.
And when customers leave negative reviews, you have an opportunity to show everyone how responsive and customer-focused you are by addressing the issue publicly.

Be in the know.

You can use the insights from positive reviews to improve your products and services, and you can use the feedback from negative reviews to make changes that will prevent future negative experiences.

Blow somebody away.

Getting those recommendations and reviews can be tricky. Struggling to get more of them for your business and don’t know where to start? Here are some tips for you the might help:

Make it easy.

If you make it difficult for customers to leave a review or recommendation, they’re less likely to do it.
Make sure your Facebook page is set up so that it’s easy to find and easy to use. You can also include links to your page in emails, on your website, or in other social media posts.

Gifts are always a good idea.

Incentives are always a good way to encourage people to take action, so consider offering incentives for customers who leave recommendations or reviews on your Facebook page.
For example, you could offer a discount on their next purchase, or enter them into a contest for a chance to win a prize. Whatever you choose, make sure the incentive is something that will appeal to your target audience.

A blessing in disguise.

These Facebook recommendations & reviews can be pretty nerve-wracking.
On one hand, they provide free publicity and can help boost your SEO. But, on the other hand, they also give customers a platform to air their grievances publicly.
So, what do you have to do? Here are some dos and don’ts:


  • Thank the customer for their feedback, – whether it’s positive or negative.
  • Keep your responses short, sweet, and to the point.
  • Offer to take the conversation offline if the issue cannot be resolved publicly.


  • Don’t take negative feedback personally. It’s not about you; it’s about the customer’s experience with your business.
  • Don’t argue with the customer. This will only make your business look bad and will not resolve the issue at hand.
  • Don’t ignore the customer altogether. Even if you can’t resolve their issue, acknowledging it shows that you care about your customers and their experiences with your business.

Crunchy Lemons

Crunch time!

As you may have read, Facebook recommendations & reviews can be extremely beneficial for businesses. So, if you’re not taking advantage of them yet, now’s the time to start!
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