Search engine optimization is one of the most frustrating terms to many business owners.
Why am I not ranking high on Google?
Why can’t customers find my business when they search for my service?
There’s a lot to this, but here are a few of the common problem areas:


Website was not properly built for SEO: Tags, page speed, image size and descriptions, site framework, etc are all factored in when Google scans for relevant businesses in an area. If yours aren’t up-to-par with the latest algorithm updates, you’ll be buried in deeper pages of search results.
Not enough credibility for search engines to recommend your business: Building backlinks and domain authority takes time. Shortcuts through overseas contractors and black hat SEO are being penalized. You need legitimate sites to correctly identify and recommend your business, and we can take care of that.
Poor reputation: If your business is online, but has a poor (or no) reputation, Google won’t recommend you to potential customers. They want to feature businesses that have many happy customers, and provide a better user experience to those searching. We know how to make you look good, even if you’re the new one on the block.
Creative content: Having just a website is seldom enough to be relevant in today’s content-saturated world. You need social accounts, regular engagement, valuable written and visual content, and more to be a market leader. Search engines recognize this, and favor those who have spread their roots wide across multiple online platforms.


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