Creating the Perfect Social Post

What determines a good post from a horrible one? Do I really need to craft the perfect social post to engage people and follow my business?

Well, yes...

Let's take a look why

Social Media has much more value than just keeping us connected with our friends and family; it can be used as a powerful tool for businesses looking to build their brand and spread awareness of their mission, product, or service. changing how we connect with people and communities than ever before. It is the first place we turn to if we want to know about a new product or service, and it's where we go for valuable information and referrals.
Social networking is all about engagement - that's why posting valuable information and having conversations with your audience plays such a huge role in Social Networking success.
Promotion and marketing interest

Sales are popular! Although don't get too worked up. One of the most common reasons individuals delete a business from their social media accounts is because they excessively publish this information.

Update the people

Let people know what you're up to! Have you launched a new product or are you relocating? Do you have an office dog? Put it out there!


Social media is about communicating. People want to interact with you; they want to give your products and services a review. Make sure you're responding back: it demonstrates that you care about your customers.


People go online to get away from their everyday routine. Create content that will make people smile or provide them something to consider. Hint: it doesn't have to be about your company all of the time.

So now that we've figured out what people want to see, how do we turn it into reality? To get that perfect posting, keep these 3 things in mind:


People love sharing relevant information, so consider if your post is solving a particular problem and is valuable enough to share with their readers. As we already know; Social Media is about building connections and relationships with people who love your business, product, or service. Is your post directly linked with both? The majority (up to 80%) of your content should be helpful or engaging information to offer the greatest value to your followers and consumers. In fact, company-focused postings should make up only 10%-20% of the material.


Another thing that people love is stories so don’t be afraid to show the more personal side of your business - tell people about yourself and what you're doing to grow your business, also ask them for their opinion on important topics. Social media is about having conversations with your followers. If you're not sure whether it's a good topic or not, ask! Social media is all about engagement and interaction.

Aesthetic Stimulation

Posts that include visuals get way more (almost 650% more) engagement than those without. The best ones are the ones that you take yourself because they’re local, personal and relevant. If you don’t have the capacity to take photos, reposting from other websites and profiles is a great way to keep your page relevant. Quality stock photos are also great resources, just make sure to pay attention to copyright!

Creating content for social media is critical; you must be where your customers are and they're on social. While it is free to join, developing an effective social media plan and keeping to it takes hard work and dedication.

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