Digital marketing strategy

Today, placing an ad in the local paper or sending flyers to people's houses seems so primitive, innovative marketers are turning to digital ads and are now an important part of any effective marketing plan. It is soo powerful that it allows companies to target specific groups of people at a lower cost than many other advertising methods. With consumers spending more time on their mobile devices browsing the web, it has never been more important for companies to make sure that they are advertising their products through digital ads.

Why focus on digital ad campaigns now

Digital Ads is a topic that has become more and more important as time has gone on. This post not only looks at how companies are using digital ads to their benefit but also why it's so important to use them now.

For companies that have been around for a while, it may be hard to get new customers from ad spending alone. This means that they need to look at more creative ways to get their company name out there.

Let's take a look at Apple, a technology firm that truly understands marketing. They identify the next big thing and game-changers in existing markets before consumers even realize it. It doesn't utilize focus groups or research; Apple is its focus group (focus groups are a way for companies to observe a group of customers without influencing them directly. Companies pay participants a fee and have them give their honest opinions about a product, service, or business practice). Apple manages its distribution better than any business on the planet! Not to mention the Apple adverts for Think Different and the iPod silhouette campaigns in 1984. (CBS News)

Make Digital Ad Campaigns Work For You
Pick the right Platform

Digital ads tend to work best when they are shown on websites that receive a lot of traffic from people who fit your target audience since those individuals will be more likely to notice and click on those ads.

Facebook is still a great way to reach people online, but not all platforms are equal. Digital ads on Facebook have a click-through rate of just .05% which is less than 1%. Twitter's CTR was better at an average of .70%, LinkedIn had the best click-through rate with an average of 2.9%. (Adweek) Mobile ads don't work as well on Twitter and LinkedIn because of the different formats they take. (Twitter blog)

It's All in Your Target Audience:

You can target people in many ways when creating a digital ad campaign, which is one of the most appealing things about them. Businesses need to figure out who the best target audience is to attract. They should research their audience, understand where they spend their time on the web, be original in terms of design and messaging, get interactive

Know your Audience

Every business has an ideal client it wants to attract, so they need to know who that target audience is to effectively place ads. It's key to be aware of where your target audience spends their time on the web so you can better understand how to reach them through digital ads.

Be Original

Coming up with ideas for digital ads can be tough, so being original is important. An effective digital ad campaign needs to have a strong message, quality design elements, and an interesting call-to-action to connect with people.

The great thing about digital ads is that they are completely flexible. You can change them up to make sure they are working. If you notice that people aren't clicking on the ads or aren't seeing them, then you can:

1) Try a different website that is more in line with your target audience.

2) Change the ad design and messaging so it looks more interesting to your target audience.

The more you change things up, the more likely it is that people will notice and engage with your ad campaign.

Get Interactive

Now that you have your target audience and know where they are spending their time on the web, you should start to formulate what your digital ad campaign will look like. All people expect from ads these days are informative pieces of content. So make sure that your ads are engaging by providing useful information about your product or service.

The best type of interactive ad is the playable kind. Not only will it engage people, but if played on mobile devices it will provide an additional way for users to interact with your brand. (Playables)

Digital ad campaigns can be very smart if they are used correctly. They allow businesses to reach their target audience where they spend their time online without having to make investments in television or print ads.

Keep it short and sweet

People don't have a lot of time to dig deep into an ad campaign, especially on their mobile devices. To make sure your ads are effective they need to have a clear message and purpose. They don't take up much time so people aren't overwhelmed by them.

Tug their emotions

People are drawn to relatable ads, which makes them emotionally invested in a product. Digital ads can be used for a lot of different purposes. Just make sure you have a clear vision going into it so you don't waste your time or money on an ineffective ad campaign.

A lot of people spend their time browsing the web on their tablets and smartphones, so businesses have to adapt by using digital ads. They are successful when targeted at an audience that fits one's business, shown in a website with high traffic, original, interactive, and relatable. Digital ads are best done when they are short and to the point, but still, provide enough information to capture a consumer's interest.

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