Data aggregators are the heart of local search. This is because they contain the information. People often don’t know what information they should be including in their business listings. This is where data aggregators come into play! Data aggregation allows you to upload accurate and complete info about any company, no matter how large or small it may be – maximizing your online presence for customers who are local and relevant with services offered by those around them. In short, If you want to make a big impact on your local search ranking, Boost your Local Search Ranking With Data Aggregators.
What are data aggregators?

Data aggregators are platforms that compile information about your business or service. This is then distributed to search engines, local directories, and other websites that will help increase its online presence it. In short, data aggregation helps you optimize your existing listings in addition to creating new ones.

Data aggregators are a lifesaver for To anyone who needs citations in their work, data aggregators are a lifesaver. They mine and format all of the data from major search engines, such as Google or Bing so that you can have accurate information immediately without waiting hours for articles on other platforms!

What are Data Aggregators for you ask?

Data aggregators own the space known as a local search ecosystem, where they find all of our data. They’re at the backbone for what makes unique citations on most major websites and provide an important resource in building up quality information about companies within these industries to use online!

In the modern-day and age, data is a valuable resource for any company that wants to stay on top of its game. In fact, as highlighted in Harvard Business Review only about half (49%)of structured information gets used by decision-makers while less than 1% goes through analysis altogether! What’s worse? Data aggregators are partly responsible for propagating much of this unanalyzed or unused info making them crucial players in today’s search environment

How does this contribute to SEO?

It’s important that you take care when citation, as they need authoritative structures with primary data sources so search engines know what information is true for their site or blog page- otherwise known as “content.” Other factors contributing to high SEO rankings include:

1) Being consistent in content updates;

2) Avoiding spammy keyword phrases (Keyword Density score)

3 )Certified professionals who maintain quality standards throughout creation/revisions stages – this includes grammar police too!

You can’t afford to skimp on citations. They are the backbone of your business and will have lasting effects if done right!

Get it Right with the Major Local Data Aggregators

The three major distributors in North America are Factual, Neustar Localeze and Infogroup. These companies maintain databases on their customers’ behalf to store all this data which they use for marketing purposes or when providing support services such as customer assistance Hotlines


Factual is a great resource for data. They have information on over 50 countries and maintain the databases of 100 million local firms with real-time updates, making them an excellent choice to use in your business! Factual provides data to:

  • Uber
  • Apple
  • Facebook
  • Bing
  • Yelp
  • Weather Channel
Neustar Localeze

Neustar Localeze provides data to over 100 search platforms, navigation systems, and mobile apps. For instance, it allows Nokia’s car navigation subsystems for timely information from sources they can trust with accurate updates on-location services in real-time. For small business owners, there’s a new indexed engine that promises to provide them with more exposure and traffic.Dubbed “the aggregator for local searches,” Neustar Localeze bases its platform on True Identity – an embedded system that offers full control over your company data in order to distribute listings across the biggest legitimate search network available today!


Infogroup is a company that offers data for consumers and businesses. They claim to have “the most accurate, continually-verified collection of real-time business information available” through powerful technology. Their database contains data that is accessible through a variety of websites, including:

Get it right!

We all know how difficult it is to build a business these days. The one thing that can make or break your success? Online citations! You might be able to increase them with some tricks and tips, but most importantly: getting things right with major data aggregators will provide you with great results!

The internet has revolutionized how people find local businesses. According to Google, “four in five consumers use search engines to find products or services nearby.” The rise of online reviews and social media have made it easier than ever for any customer with an opinion about the product you are selling on your website instead of just driving by word-of-mouth alone!

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